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The Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision oversees and monitors non–degree granting proprietary schools in New York State. The Bureau is responsible for ensuring that the overall educational quality of the programs offered will provide students with the necessary skills to secure meaningful employment and for protecting students' financial interests while attending proprietary schools. BPSS licenses/registers proprietary schools and credentials proprietary school teachers to ensure that appropriate standards are met. The Bureau investigates student complaints and conducts comprehensive investigations of schools to assure compliance with Education Law and Commissioner's Regulations. Proprietary schools under BPSS jurisdiction include trade and business schools, computer training facilities, and for-profit English as a Second Language ESL schools

Tips for beating the heat

"A car heats Very quickly"

We have all heard about dogs dying in a parked car, but this actuallly happens more than you may think. On a hot summer day the inside of a car heats VERY quickly. On an 80°F day, for example, the temperature inside your car –with the windows opened– will reach 102°F in 10 minutes. In 30 minutes it will reach 120°F. On warmer days it will go even higher. A dog's normal body temperature is 101.3–101.2°F. A dog can withstand a body temperature of 107–108°F. for only a very short time before suffering irreparable brain damage –or even death.

Staying Cool In The Hot Summer

"Resist the urge from shaving dogs down"

Most pet owners and many groomers believe that dogs with long coats such as goldens, keeshonds, newfoundlands, all double coated dogs, etc. are cooler when shaved short –nothing could be further from the truth A dog's coat protects both from the summer heat and winter cold. However, it must be combed out to work properly. When combed thoroughly the skin is allowed to breathe. When the coat is packed or matted to the skin, it inhibits the cooling and warming process. You must also keep in mind that a dog such as the breeds mentioned, may never grow their coat back properly when clipped down. A long-haired, double coated dog may also go into shock when clipped down too short.

We have had great success with Best Shot shampoo combined with Best Shot Conditioner, along with a Hydrosurge Dryer to blow out packed coats on dogs. Please educate yourself and your clients on the purpose of a dog's coat. Don't think a long-haried or double coated dog needs to be clipped down. Any questions please feel free to Email Us.

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